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Cocktails that Perfectly Complement your Brunch

Whether you are having a relaxing brunch with your family or planning a business meeting, knowing which beverage to order can improve your experience. While some cocktails are only great for a fun night out, others go perfectly with your morning or afternoon meals.


At The Copperfield, we believe in bringing the right dining elements together to create a memorable brunch for each guest. Before you reserve a table at our Mendota Heights restaurant, we invite you to learn more about our tasty cocktails that pair perfectly with brunch time eats.


The Classic Brunch Cocktail

If you prefer a classic breakfast, you can take advantage of these tried-and-true cocktails.


The Classic Mimosa


A timeless brunch favorite, the Classic Mimosa combines sparkling champagne and fresh orange juice. Its vibrant and bubbly nature perfectly complements a variety of our breakfast and lunch dishes.


The Copperfield Bloody


A bold and flavorful twist on the classic Bloody Mary, the Copperfield Bloody is a mix of premium vodka, tangy tomato juice, and a blend of spices. This zesty cocktail pairs exceptionally well with savory brunch foods.


Wake Up with an Espresso Martini


Start your brunch off with a jolt of energy by indulging in our Espresso Martini. Made with espresso from True Stone Coffee Roasters, Absolut Vanilia, and Baileys, this cocktail combines the rich flavor of coffee with a hint of sweetness.


pouring coffee during brunch


Coffee Menu

If you aren’t in the mood for a specialty cocktail, you can take advantage of our delicious coffee from True Stone Coffee Roasters to start your day.


Start your morning off right with an Americano. This classic option delivers a rich and full-bodied flavor. If you prefer a more indulgent choice, our Cappuccino is the perfect balance of espresso, steamed milk, and velvety foam.


If you appreciate the simplicity of a traditional cup of joe, our classic coffee is a reliable choice. If you’re looking for an energizing option, we meticulously brew our cold coffee to perfection. If you are ready for a bold and intense kick, try our Depth Charge – a shot of espresso topped with coffee. And for those who enjoy the creamy and silky texture, we make an amazing latte.


Brunch, Coffee & Muffin


The Copperfield also has options for those who prefer decaf beverages. You can enjoy our decaf coffee or opt for a classic orange juice that provides a satisfying taste without the jolt of caffeine. Meanwhile, for hot tea lovers, we offer a variety of flavors to choose from as well.



Elevate Your Brunch Experience at The Copperfield

The Copperfield


If you want to make your brunch experience complete, you can easily do it with a craft beverage from our menu. At The Copperfield, we understand the importance of an unforgettable dining experience. From the good old classics to our signature creations, we focus on quality, taste, and enjoyment.


To learn more about our brunch cocktails and the delectable dishes that go with them, please browse our menu, then visit our bright and airy restaurant in Mendota Heights. Make a reservation to enjoy your brunch experience with us at The Copperfield.